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Packaged for Arch Linux users

If you cannot install from the AUR you're gonna have to look for alternatives or compile / install them yourself.


For NVIDIA users, NvFBC is available with some driver patching. NvFBC is a feature like NVENC, except that it captures your screen directly from the framebuffer very efficiently.

Overall, this works very well for high FPS recording, and is on a par with Windows' default Display Capture source, if not better.

However, unfortunately, this has some issues:

  • The NvFBC plugin is currently incompatible with OBS 28+
  • You need to be on the proprietary NVIDIA drivers
  • You need to use X.Org (not Wayland)
    • See this with echo $XDG_SESSION_TYPE


  1. Install nvidia-utils-nvlax from the AUR, which will replace nvidia-utils with a patched version. It does 2 patches, all automatically:
    • NVENC patch: removes restriction on maximum number of simultaneous NVENC video encoding sessions imposed by Nvidia to consumer-grade GPUs
    • NvFBC patch (required): allows to use NvFBC on consumer-grade GPUs
  2. Install downgrade from the AUR
  3. Run sudo downgrade --ala-only obs-studio, install the latest version of OBS 27 (which is 27.2.4 2)
  4. Install obs-nvfbc-high-fps-git from the AUR, which is the 'NvFBC Source' OBS plugin, patched for high FPS values
  5. Open OBS, and add the 'NvFBC Source'
  6. Configure the NvFBC source (test out settings), make the FPS the same as the OBS recording FPS


  • Enable Smooth FPS in Minecraft / capping your FPS, to leave some GPU usage headroom for OBS
  • Toggle/disable compositing in your window manager/desktop environment
  • You can use teres in the AUR to frame blend and interpolate